Makers of


Hermanos Holee WaterTM,

Extra Anejo and Reposado

The Best Sipping Tequila

Hermanos Holee WaterTM was born more than 50 years ago,

when a young Don Hermano crossed paths with a young

gypsy. The encounter with the gypsy gave Don Hermanotwo things: (1) a secret recipe for a smooth sipping alcoholic beverage that is now known a Hermanos Holee WaterTM, and (2) an illegitimate child know as Cabron.

Both of these things remained a secret until 1998 When by chance, Cabron met Don at a fiesta in Mexico. The reunion also introduced Cabron to his stepbrothers, Ozzy and Nito.

Together, the Hermanos strengthened family ties and their love of the Holee Water. They shared the elixir with close family and friends until 2015, when the family, together with Don's brother Sweetch, decided to share their beverage on a limited basis with the public.

Hermanos Holee WaterTM is meant to be enjoyed responsibly with friends and family and should be sipped slowly to enjoy the full effect. Please enjoy Hermanos Holee WaterTM as much as we do.


The Hermanos

Thews Beverage Company, LLC.